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Here displayed is our Limo carriage.  It seats 6 adults comfortably.  It has 3 bench seats. The top is retractable and is usually kept down for most events unless requested otherwise.  Interior is dark blue.

Our Vis-A-Vis is a beautiful carriage. With a burgundy interior, it can seat 4-6 adults. 

 There are two bench seats  that face each other. 

Our Victoria carriage is a cozy one seat beauty. There is only room for two. The top is retractable and the interior is red.

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Limo Carriage

Vis-A-Vis Carriage

Victoria Carriage 

Cinderella Carriage

Our Cinderella carriage is a spectacular one of a kind carriage that is a true work of art.  It seats four adults comfortably and is a beautiful part of any event. Hand made in South America and brought here to the USA as a prop, Classic Carriage acquired this carriage in 2013. It is a true favorite. 

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